Book Review: Making The Ball Roll

A Complete Guide to Youth Football for the Aspiring Soccer Coach

by ray power

Ray Power is a former Academy Coach, Academy Manager and FA Coach Educator. He is now the Technical Director in Tanzania, working alongside Sunderland AFC, and the Tanzanian Football Academy manager. Ray also leads extensive talent identification projects in the country. Ray is also a former teacher and author of several other books based around youth soccer development.

Making the Ball Roll is simply a 5 star coaching resource produced by author Ray Power.

We first came across Ray’s work in February 2013, when he produced a series of features for - then as now - he produced very good evidence based work. He would go further than most writers to find the evidence to back up his views and opinions.

Ray Power is a UEFA A License coach with a decade of experience of working with young soccer players in Ireland, Switzerland and England.

Securing a BA Degree in 2004, Ray went on to qualify as a teacher. Having worked in the classroom environment, Ray took his teaching to the soccer field, working with players of various ages, backgrounds, and within several professional academies in England.

Ray is currently the Academy Manager at Central College and is a Coach Educator with the English Football Association.

Making the Ball Roll is an in-depth guide to coaching youth football, covering a vast number of themes that can get even the most experienced youth coaches thinking. In summary this book is highly recommended and a must buy for anyone with an interest of youth development, not only those within football/soccer.

Power has provided readers with a complete and evidence based guide to youth coaching. Ultimately this book is your versatile midfield playmaker. It is suitable for those working with U7 on the soccer field or to those working with college students in the classroom.

Making the Ball Roll is about sharing best practice with the reader. Ray, has gone into great detail to provide the reader with information from grassroots to academy, all of which is transferable to other professions.

The author uses detailed graphs and images in various sections of the book to cater for the more visual learners amongst us. Some of these diagrams are great tools that those within the game can use to improve their own coaching methods and practice.

You should order this book from Bennion Kearny as it is so well written that it easy to pick up and choose what part of the book you’d like to read.

So you’re still not sure if Making the Ball Roll is the right book for you?

Too experienced to own a complete guide to youth coaching?

Not got an interest in football coaching?

Well let shed some light on it for you. Regardless of your experience, Making the Ball Roll is a great resource. It is easy to read and easy to implement information from the book. It so well written that you can just pick it up and read any section that relates to a problem, question or challenge you may have.

This book will reinforce key messages that you may already know. It will also give you new nuggets of information that will get you thinking and reviewing your own practice. The odd chapter may even get you questioning your own approach and philosophy.

You don’t need to be a lover or a student of the game to read Making the Ball Roll, in fact teachers, youth workers and other practitioners who have an interest in developing young people will find that this book has many strategies for them to use within their own practice.

Making the Ball Roll should be embraced as a tool box of valuable knowledge and experience being shared by Power to help the most experienced coaches or even those who have very little interest in football to vastly improve their practice of youth development.

The author of Making the Ball Roll has produced a chapter by chapter guide that covers many aspects of modern coaching methods including: sports psychology, the importance of age-relation in practice, coaching philosophy and technical, tactical and physical developments.

Between the covers of this thought provoking book you will gain knowledge on the beautiful game and much more.

So, why should you buy this book?

It is a versatile, 5 star read, that is well written, thought provoking and evidence based.

Making the Ball Roll will help us to improve the game of football in the UK.

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